I am making a YouTube show

For the longest time, I have hated the way TV channels tackle news, and my indignation has only grown with time. When I recently found myself in a heated debate with my friend over the state of news media in the country, during the interval of what was a pretty good movie, I knew I had to do something about this. From there, making a YouTube…

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A heartfelt letter to TRAI

Dear TRAI, About a month ago, you released a consultation paper on the subject of net neutrality. You asked for our responses. And by now, people a lot smarter than me, who are much more adept at explaining their views in legalese to your very biased and deceitful paper have done so. It is also clear that you have received an adequate number of responses, eleven…

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India is going to lose the net neutrality debate

And it won’t be because of Airtel Zero or TRAI. It will be because of our inaction. The Internet is the biggest democratizing platform of our generation. The Internet is where we meet people, entertain ourselves, learn and now at a very increasing speed, it’s where we do business. For the first time in the entire human history, numerous barriers that were major roadblocks until…

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Time to write!

I guess I will be writing here. Hopefully often. But certainly good stuff.