I am making a YouTube show

The survey results are in. And the data is quite positive.

For the longest time, I have hated the way TV channels tackle news, and my indignation has only grown with time. When I recently found myself in a heated debate with my friend over the state of news media in the country, during the interval of what was a pretty good movie, I knew I had to do something about this. From there, making a YouTube vlog to solve this did not take much convincing.

I am not saying that I intend to upend the industry and flip it on it’s side. In fact I am certain that on the larger scale, nothing is going to change. I will be happy if even ten people watch each episode given that those ten people get their time’s worth. But despite the fact that this will be a side project for me and hence the videos might be infrequent, it is important that every video that we put out be the best that it can be.

One thing that I have learned while running a startup is that market research is crucial to any endeavour and can save a ton of time and energy. Hence the survey, which 90 of you filled. Thanks for that. When I first made my mind about a month or so ago, there was a chance that I was just conformationally biased and everyone else was fine with Arnab Goswami. I was prepared to do this as long as the survey wasn’t overtly negative, but  thankfully, it appears that a lot of people are fed up with TV news.

Here are the results:

The Internet (desktop + mobile) is more popular than TV. In fact, even newspapers have quite an edge over TV.


There is quite some interest in news/educational content. This data could be slightly skewed given the context of this survey, but the results are pretty positive.


Primary reason for Internet usage is to connect with other people. News comes in a close second. Educational content is at fifth position.


This is one of the most important bits of data for the vlog.


John Oliver is king. vlogbrothers/CrashCourse are unfortunately not very popular.


Now, what do they say about “design by committee”?

Note on the content: My basic aim with this is to make current events easier to understand, as opposed to complicating things as most TV channels so often tend to do. I t will be along the lines of the the following video:

The topics we cover will range from public policy to general sciencey things. If you think that this interests you and would like to be a part of the research team, add yourself to the following group on facebook here.  Don’t worry if you are not sure whether or not you will be able to take out time for this, passive participation is welcome as well.

Now, is everybody already caught up with Vyapam?

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