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This is what led to the book.


I will probably get it to work again!

/old stuff

This list is from around 2011, when I was in college and maintained a list of all my coding projects. I Have kept it to remind myself of the hacker attitude that has helped over the years in various aspects of life.

No idea why this list is still here


An online 'wishing well' / collective bucket list.

Had its moment on Internet's worst messaging board

Curated Quotes

Displays a random quote from a curated database. (Had made it for Ashish Sinha, he had not asked me to do so. HE used it.)

Had it's moment on Pluggd.in (now NextBigWhat).

Project Quantum

Contextual Search

This was kind of like Google cards, the search engine would spit up info from IMDB/Crunchbase or other such databases with open APIs depending on what type of query was put in.


Where to eat out

Better way to handle ratings and rewiews than Yelp.

Project Severus

Super Secret

Some sort of student academic network thing.

Friday Query

Movie reccomendations

What movie you should watch based on what you liked before

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