About me

Founder @ Four Lemon - a performance marketing company based in New Delhi. Author @ Penguin Random House (coming Dec '19)

I currently run a performance marketing company I co-founded. I am also writing a general curriculum book for high schoolers with Akshat. Also infamous for my escape from institutions designed to systematically dull the human learning experience and butcher the natural curiosity that we are all born with (aka DCE dropout). Before this I have started and shuttered to clothing companies and a few others in between. It all started with a tech blog I stared in college that involved me writing about explanatory science+tech culture articles.

Other Info

2014 Batch : Delhi Technological University ( Delhi College of Engineering )
2009 Batch : DPS,VK + Vasant Valley, New Delhi

Geographic Affinity : Dilliwala
Geographic Aversion : Mumbai


2016 - 2017 : Founder, FOXLOOM

fGrape: fGrape was an apparel company, that made merchandise for schools, colleges and businessess. Our ultimate goal of taking the brand to retail did not see the light of the day

IRIS Media Network: This was basically two blogs The TechIRIS and the The MusicIRIS, and the other part being web dev. workshops. Wrote quite a few articles, many of them analytical about where technology is headed towards. I also interviewed Jeff Lieberman ( Discovery show host of Time Warp ) and bands like Bombay Rockers, Parikrama and KAASH.

Extra curricular activities - Brand + web design consultation: SANVAIG