Hi! I am a

Founder @ Goodness.cafe & Four Lemon
Author @ Penguin Random House (coming '21)

I like to call myself an accidental generalist. I went to an engineering school (DCE) to become a specialist (at programming). As I was exposed to more of the world and attained a macro view, I started studying more broadly. This ended up in me dropping out and starting a few businesses. Now all I am good at is just starting startups. I guess that's a specialisation.

I spent the last year running a real-estate startup and writing a book. Akshat Tyagi and I designed the book to cover what schools won't — a generalist education for the future. (“Now That We Are Here: The Future of Everything” - Penguin Random House, 2021). Edhack (hack your education) is a portfolio company working on enabling people to learning at a macro level.

Before this I ran two clothing businesses. One was a street wear brand (F-GRAPE) that I started in 2010 before hip hop was mainstream in India. It sprung out of my love for skateboarding (I can do exactly 0 tricks but ride okay) and b-boying culture. The other one was a women’s custom fit clothing line (Foxloom - "Behind every woman's success is a well stitched dress"). And a few other companies in between. It all started with a tech blog in college where I explained (read opined on) science, tech and tech-culture. And now we’re here.

Growing Ideas

Now That We're Here.

The Future of Everything.

About the book.

How do you prepare for a future if you don’t know what it is? How do you specialize in anything if the horizon is constantly shifting? What’s the goalpost and how do we get there? Is there even a goalpost?

The hyper-connected world that once seemed futuristic is now here. And now that we’re here, it’s time for us to educate ourselves for sweeping and endless possibilities. One way to do that is to blur the lines between technology, democracy, design, economics and data, and reconfigure our approach to learning altogether. This book is a giant leap in that direction. By harnessing the wisdom of thought leaders and intellectuals throughout history, by blending business and humanity, industry and society, and by covering cross-disciplinary themes, authors Akshay Tyagi and Akshat Tyagi give us a ground-breaking, genre-defying and utterly mind-bending collection of essays that will help us prepare for the here and now.